420 DONUT BURGERS! Thursday, April 18, 2013

donut burger slidersM’kay. We know that you know that tomorrow is a holiday.

A cult holiday, maybe, but a one that’s increasingly going mainstream.

So our question to you is: where will you be tomorrow afternoon?

If you plan on staying in and celebrating with your friends, we’re cool with that.

But if you’re feeling brave, you might wanna consider swinging by to get what the belly in your mind wants: Donut Burger Sliders.

They’re cheeseburgers. On glazed donuts, baked in house, daily.

They’re also—as the Willamette Week recently pointed out—stupid. They’re even stupider if you ask us to bard them with thick slices of applewood bacon.

And they will, as the WW suggests, make you hate yourself in the morning—but only if you eat, like, five of ’em.

Everything in moderation, right?

Okay everybody! Be safe out there! And happy holidays!