Build Special Memories

Build Special Memories Wednesday, May 04, 2016


One of the fondest memories a lot of our customers have growing up in Portland is driving downtown with their parents, walking around the downtown streets and stopping somewhere for lunch and a treat. The Original Dinerant is just that spot today for these now parents and their kids to come and visit as a “mini” fieldtrip downtown.

Our location, parallel to the MAX line, is ideal for families to come and eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or dessert any time of the day or evening. One of the favorite items for kids and adults are our
“crazy shakes” – recently featured by Bravo TV, our crazy shakes come in a variety of flavor combinations and can even be make “boozy” for that perfect after dinner treat for adults.

One of the best parts about the restaurant is the range of items to choose from day and night. From pancakes and eggs benedict to locally grown salads and handmade, custom “build-your-own” burgers, to oysters and short ribs our menu has something for everyone and especially the kids.

If you’ve not tried a craft cocktail or our house-made hot sauce you’ll also want to experience the little details that make our restaurant and diner special and unique. We serve an “all day” breakfast menu as well classic items that fit anyone’s appetite. Remember the scene in SEINFELD when they wanted a restaurant that pleased everyone? Well, we’ve kind of figured out how to do just that. And we also take a lot of pride in featuring local ingredients and purveyors around the Portland area so it’s truly a restaurant of our community.

Our restaurant and diner truly is a destination downtown for families and parents that want to create a special memory for their kids. We’re excited to be the place your family stops in these coming months when school is out and summer break officially kicks off!