Autumn Desserts

Autumn Desserts Friday, October 16, 2015

Autumn Desserts


If we’re not yet sick of pumpkin-spiced lattes (shouldn’t we be?), we’re definitely tired of hearing about them.


But that doesn’t mean that the harvesting holiday season that starts with Halloween and end on New Year’s Day has to completely spice-free, right?


Right. And lucky for Portland, Original Pastry Chef (and Valrhona Cercle V member) Jeremy Intille is stepping very, very correct.


Case in point: Toss out your pumpkin-spiced latte, save that pie for Thanksgiving Day and sink your fork into Jeremy’s Pumpkin-spiced entremet, a Behibe Feuilletine Base upon which is built, layer by layer, Caramélia Ganache, Pumpkin Cake, Turkish Coffee Mousse, Pepita Dacquoise, Vanilla Bean Opalys Mousse, and Caramélia Frenet Glaze made with Absolu Cristal.


He’s also whipped up a couple other holiday dishes that’ll hit everyone’s sweet spot, including the “Cake-copia,” (vegetable chips atop a layer of golden beet-ginger cake, atop a layer of zucchini-golden raison cake, atop a layer of cinnamon carrot cake, with butternut squash mousse between each layer and cream cheese ganache up top.




And then there’s the cheesecake, the “Cheese-A-Saurus”, a caramel and molasses cake with a spicy vanilla bean cheesecake dome with poached pears, a brandied caramel glaze and little French caramel and honey “dermal plates.”





Try one, pronto, because they’ll only be around for a couple of months.