BAR SNAX Thursday, February 13, 2014

poppycockSnacks. There’s probably nothing more American than Snacks.

Baseball? Jazz? Apple Pie? Mom?

Nope, nope, nope and…maybe.

We love snacks. We eat ’em before lunch, we eat ’em before bed, and when we’re determined to knock a few back, we eat ’em at the bar.

Now we could choose to make weekly runs to Costco and stock up on Bar Snack staples, like peanuts and pretzels (yawn), but we think you’ll get a bigger kick out of crunching and munching on something…familiar, but that’s made right here, in-house.

So, if you’re not yet ready for dinner, but want to nosh lightly on something while waiting for your date, ask from Whiskey Caramel Corn or some ChexSnax.

The Whiskey Caramel Corn is as it sounds: Bourbon-Caramel and Popped Corn. Not necessarily easy to make, but easy to eat, and super-yummy, too. Like Cracker Jacks for grown-ups.

And then there’s those ChexSnax, comprised or Corn Pops, pretzels, pecans, peanuts and (of course) Chex. The ingredients of this slumber party favorite are then mingled together in melted butter and Worcestershire sauce, and seasoned with chili powder, pimenton, garlic and onion powders, celery salt and cayenne pepper, before we finally cut this snack’s bold and zesty profile with something a little sweet—our melted housemade chocolate.

Eat ’em with restraint or eat ’em by the handful. Just eat ’em. Your red-white-and-snacking blue DNA  compels you to do so.