BARREL-AGED COCKTAILS Friday, December 05, 2014

manhattan 2



If you’ve bellied up to our bar in the last couple of months, you’ve probably noticed the oak casks silently guarding the bar’s northern rail.


Each one is filled with spirits, aged for a full 30 days before they’re bottled and meted out for some pretty mean cocktails.


Our first batches comprised a Manhattan and a Dark N’ Stormy.


Most recently, we’ve barreled a batch of Cinsky, our homemade version of a Fireball shot, made from bourbon, sugar and plenty of cinnamon. You liked it so much that we went ahead and casked a second batch.


And for our next trick? We’re taking on a craft version of the much-maligned Long Island Iced Tea, which is resting as we speak.


So if you’re joining us for dinner or if simply need a bracer from the cold while you wait for the MAX, ask what’s on cask, because these aged cocktails are not to be missed—or messed with.