Barrel-Aged Manhattan

Barrel-Aged Manhattan Tuesday, October 28, 2014

manhattan 2You’ve probably noticed the small oak casks standing guard at our bar’s northern end.

Well, every 30 days, we stir up one big cocktail batch and store it in one of those barrels for about a month.

Our first, our Barrel-Aged Manhattan (Bulleit rye, Benedictine and Noilly Prat Sweet vermouth) sold out in just over a day.

Mostly because it tastes like a campfire’s dream, if, of course, a campfire could dream. In other words, it’s smokey, but the smokiness doesn’t slash and cut. Rather, it mingles with the whiskey’s caramel and brings it out of its shell.

The good news? It’s back!

So get some while it lasts.