BBQ LAMB Thursday, May 22, 2014

IMG_1507Long before hot dogs and hamburgers

the quintessential genre of American food was barbecue.

Nope, we didn’t invent it, but we adapted it long ago to fit our Texan and Lowland tastebuds.

And while there are plenty of barbecue spots all over Portland, no one’s really tried to claim it and dress it up Pacific Northwest colors.

But our Executive Chef, David Anderson, is looking to change all of that.

He’s passing on the requisite pig or cow and opting instead on grass-fed lamb raised at Idaho’s Lava Lake Ranch.

For the cut, Chef’s choosing shoulders, rolling each one up and fastening them into meaty carpets which get rubbed, smoked for an hour and braised for two more.

And while the secret’s always in the rub, the true measure of good barbecue lies in the sauce.

That’s why Chef’s blending his sauce with the usual ingredients—molasses, Worcestershire sauce, butter, bourbon—but casts Oregon beets as the star of the sauce show.

Grill some rapini and plate the whole thing with some rich grit-like goat cheese polenta and you’ve got an all-American classic with a very specific—and delicious—Pacific Northwestern twist.