BEER-BATTERED FISH TACOS Thursday, April 04, 2013

fish tacos


That cruelest of months (we’re looking at you, Tax Day!) has such a dearth of real holidays that we find ourselves making stuff up just to make sure we have something to celebrate.

Don’t believe us? Did you know that April is National Fresh Celery Month? It is. No lie.

But sometimes our food holidays become traditions that start small and snowball into something unofficially official. Like Taco Tuesdays.

So if you find you find yourself downtown some Tuesday night—or any night—craving tacos, swing by and ask for ours: they’re made with cod, battered in beer.

And once the deep fryer’s worked it’s magic, we take these flaky, crusted fillets and stuff it into corn tortillas—three of ’em—and top them all off with a cabbage slaw, a spicy pickled pepper cream (roasted red peppers, smoked paprika) and a pair of salsas: a chunky, pico de gallo and an almost chutney-like green.

Eat as much fresh celery as you want. But come Tuesday night, give your belly—and your mouth, and your heart—what it really wants.