BEER ME, BEER YOU! Thursday, May 23, 2013

beer!Did you know that we just added two taps to our draft beer list?

Yup. At any given time, you can find five craft glorious drafts on tap. Some will be from Portland, most will be from Oregon, but all of ’em’ll be brewed by men and women who take special pride in giving you what you want and, in some cases, what you’d never even dreamt of.

And if you’re a domestic loyalist, we’ve got you covered there, too, because one of those taps has been permanently reserved for western domestic flagship, Coors Light.

You’ll also wanna keep in mind that all of those drafts are discounted during Happy Hour. You might wanna ask yourself, then, where else downtown are you gonna find a $3 pint of craft beer (or a $2 domestic)?

So belly up, Portland, and bottoms up, too!