Captain’s Daily Dogs

Captain’s Daily Dogs Wednesday, September 09, 2015

daily dog captainFor the last five years we’ve been offering Daily Dogs for both lunch and dinner.

During that time, we dressed up those foot-long half-pounders with all sorts of fun ingredients. And they were good.

But now, thanks to sous chef Ben Ipema—aka the Captain*, aka Cappy Dean—they’re even better, because Cappy makes those Daily Dog sausages from scratch every day. And they come on fresh-baked sausage buns courtesy of pasty chef Jeremy Intille.

At the moment, Captain says he leans most favorably on chicken, lamb and beef sausages—and even a blend of said meats—which are stuffed into an all-natural pig casings. But the real magic happens when his brain starts thinking up the different ways to blend each dog’s meats, spices and other ingredients and then how exactly to decorate each new dog.

“Start adding spices, herbs, vegetables, cheeses, and cooking techniques and the possibilities are endless,” he says. “That’s what really fueled my passion to make our sausages in-house. It’s a great creative outlet and a lot of fun!”

An example of his past (and future) work: The “Homestead” (chicken and gouda sausage topped with fried green tomatoes, roasted tomato aioli, and a duck egg) and a bacon cheeseburger sausage (currently in the R&D phase).

Swing by soon and see what Captain’s got in store for you.

*Oh, and if you’re wondering why Captain’s named The Captain, here’s the scoop: For the last three years, he’s lived on a boat just off the shores of Sauvie Island. Once his fellow cooks got hip to this, he got the nickname, and it stuck. And it stuck hard: Captain says he surprised to know how few of the people who cook beside him each day actually know that his real name is Ben.