Introducing Executive Chef David Anderson

Introducing Executive Chef David Anderson Tuesday, September 17, 2013

chef david

Portland’s all abuzz with the announcement of our new Executive Chef, David Anderson. Now some of you probably already know all about his accomplishments (which include local and regional Iron Chef titles, and an invitation to the White House by the FLOTUS, herself).

But maybe you also wanna know whether he’s a Beatle or a Stones man.

If so, here’s Chef David, answering questions about food, Portland, and the some of the small stuff we all think about from time to time.

What was the first thing you tried that made your mouth tell your brain, “Yes, I must pursue making good food”? The first thing that made me think about food was a handmade carrot cake my grandfather made for my birthday.

What is your favorite cooking ingredient? Fennel.

Whom were you named after? My first name doesn’t really come from anyone, but my middle name, LeVere, has been handed down on my father’s side of the family for as long as anyone can remember.

If you were to make a bumper sticker, what would it say? [Ed.—Chef David simply wrote, bumper stickers are lame. We’re not sure if that’s what his bumper sticker would say, or if he simply thinks they’re all lame. We never asked. Why spoil the mystery?]

Beatles or Stones? I grew up with the Stones but have evolved into The Beatles, thanks to my wife.

Automobile, bike, bus or foot? Automobile or bike.

Which genre of music would you use to score your life? The score to my life is a blend of AC/DCish rock and early 2000s rap.

What is your favorite spot in Portland? My favorite spot in Portland is one of our many brewpubs.

Dogs or cats? Cats.

Toilet paper: over or under? Over, I guess? Doesn’t really matter to me that much.

What do you put on hotdogs? Just ketchup and mustard on my hotdogs.