CHICKEN POT PIE Wednesday, June 11, 2014

pot pieIf you’re of a certain age

—say, if you were one a Cold War-era latch-key kid—you’ve probably had your fair share of chicken pot pies. Of the frozen kind.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for those hot, simple eats, we’ve got good news: our homemade honest-to-goodness so, so good Chicken Pot Pie is back, Oregon-style.

It’s a pretty simple dish, but it requires no small amount of work from our boys and girls in the back of the house.

First, they slow cook a chicken stew with mire poix, locally sourced mushrooms and plenty of seasonal vegetables (peas, asparagus and fava beans for now, which turn will into corn and summer squash once summer comes).

Once that stew’s ready, they seal it with a crispy flaky pie crust that rises and fluffs like a feathered-out old-school chef’s hat.

Paired with a small side salad—you gotta eat your greens, child—our not-so-new, but most definitely improved Chicken Pot Pie is hearty and rich and is as comforting as it gets (without that straight-from-the-box freezer burn or all those abstract Cold War jitters).

Crack one open the next time you’re in.