CHICKEN TERIYAKI SANDWICH Thursday, October 17, 2013

chicken teriyaki sandwichRain got you down? Clouds got you blue?

Then maybe what you need is something vibrant and bright. Something like our new Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich.

It’s got pretty much all the colors of the rainbow. In fact, eating this sando’s as magical as eating a rainbow.

It’s got the greens (red leaf lettuce and a mint-colored wasabi aioli), the purples (a few rings of red onion), the reds (a pair of tomato slices) and some yellows (two grilled pineapple rings).

And it’s got fowl—five ounces of chicken thighs marinated in garlicky, gingery mirin-soy sauce.

Of course, it eats as good as it looks—it’s got all five of your mouth’s senses covered, from the sweet and the salty, to the bitter and the sour. It’s even got a healthy does of umami.

So if you’re waxing sentimental for sipping lemonade from your porch swing while watching the summer sun set, come on in and treat yourself to Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich.

Served daily, for lunch and dinner.