CHICKEN & WAFFLE SLIDERS Monday, October 21, 2013

chicken and wafflesEvery carnivore loves this combo

but pinning down its creation myth origins is a toughie.

It’s categorized as either Southern Food, Soul Food, both or neither.

And while this combo’s almost painfully simple—there are no frills—it’s fun to eat, so there’s lots of thrills. Especially when they’re served slider-style.

So what’s it get you?

A pair of buttermilk-battered chicken breasts, seasoned and flash fried, and placed, open-faced, atop of a pair of tiny, yet fluffy, buttermilk waffles, all drizzled with a syrup that’s both savory (dijon) and sweet (honey).

So the next time you’re in, raise your figurative (or literal) glass to whomever it was that came up this classic’s classic.

Available daily for Happy Hour and Dinner.