CHICKEN WINGS Thursday, October 24, 2013

wingsA Happy Hour isn’t happy unless it’s got Chicken Wings.

Lots of Chicken wings.

And have we got ’em.

Delicious, tender, sticky, messy, glowing, volcanically red wings (and drumsticks) that we smoke, flash fry and toss in a housemade wing sauce comprising roasted red jalapeños pureed with apple cider vinegar, butter, a pinch of brown sugar and a touch of honey.

Paired, natch, with stalks of celery, a ramekin of blue cheese dressing for the dipping, and a few extra napkins, just because.

Now remember: eating wings requires but two things: your hands and your mouth. It’s a messy affair, so don’t worry about how you’ll look eating them. Just get in there, get dirty and have at ’em.

You can clean yourself up when they’re gone.