CHOCOLATE CAKE Monday, January 27, 2014

chocolate cakeWe’ve got it.

Thing is, we don’t have a catchy name for it, which puts us in a sorta quandary: how do you turn people on to a dessert so generically described?

Well, if the photo here doesn’t do the trick, this should:

Our chocolate cake stands three stories high, and each airy, light and spongey 10-ounce slice is amply layered with a ganache-like frosting made with Verona chocolate and heavy cream.

Adjectively speaking, we’re confident enough to pass on such overused descriptors like “decadent” or “death by,” because words like “plush” and luscious” are richly accurate.

One bite, and you’ll know that the cake sells itself, no matter what we call it.

If you’ve yet to try a slice, today’s the day (yup, the Internet’s blessed today as National Chocolate Cake Day)!

If you’re busy, don’t worry: this easily sharable—and equally hoggable—cake is available every day. All 365 of ‘em.