CRISPY CHICKEN SANDWICH Thursday, July 17, 2014

crispy chicken sandoWhat can you say about a chicken that already hasn’t been said?

They’re not very pretty, they’re not very nice, and they’re not very bright.

They are the birds that cross roads merely for the simple reason of crossing it. Sounds dangerous.

But they sure are tasty, and they’re even better when they’re fried. We know it, and you know it.

So the next time you’re in, and you want chicken, and you want your chicken fried, and you want to eat your chicken without getting too messy, ask yourself, “Isn’t a Crispy Chicken Sandwich exactly what I want right now?”

Chances are it is. And ours gets dressed up in the the usual fixins (lettuce, tomato, onion) and sauced with a honey dijon spread on a brioche bun, which you can order it for lunch or for dinner. And if you find yourself craving one for breakfast, we can even do that, too.