CROISSANT E CRISTO Friday, September 05, 2014

croissant e cristoFor the record

(and if this isn’t the record, then it should be), Monte Cristos, on paper, are gross and stupid. There! We said it.

Thing is though, ours is a crazy-good winner.

Like all Cristos, it has ham. And cheese (Swiss, in fact, that’s been crisped under the Salamander for a minute or two).

It’s got sweet (marionberry preserves). And it’s been battered, too, and sprinkled with a fair shake of powdered sugar.

So why is ours better? First, as its name implies, all that filling’s stuffed between a sliced-in-half housemade croissant.

But really? This breakfast sandwich’s secret weapon is just enough dijon mustard to cut through the sweet and tie the whole thing wonderfully together.

In fact, we considered not telling you about this little surprise, because it would’ve been fun for your to find out all on your own.

But that secret’s too good not to share, and we wanted you to know.

Try one. And you will know that a Cristo has to be neither gross, nor stupid.