DAY OF THE DONUT Monday, June 03, 2013

donutsThe Internet says Southern California is the Donut Capital of the World.

But it also says it’s Canada. And New York. And…Rhode Island?

Not to get too provincial, but we think Portland is the donut’s capital city. Just ask the pilgrims and worshippers lining the block outside Voodoo Donuts each weekend.

Lotsa places in Portland make their own donuts, from scratch, by hand (with the aid of the industrial whisk). Lotsa places, for example, like ours.

Every few days, we whip up a batch of dough using flour, buttermilk and (yes, drool…) lard—enough dough, in fact, to make 250 tiny donuts.

We take that dough, roll it flat and cut it into donut-shaped blobs. Then, whenever you order a plate of donut burger sliders (or, droolfried chicken donut sliders), we drop a pair of these uncured blobs into hot oil, where we let ’em bathe as they turn, like magic, into real honest-to-goodness donuts.

Glaze ’em, slice ’em in half, and slide some protein in between ’em and, Presto Change-o: Happy Hour Donut Burger Sliders. Because donuts aren’t just for breakfast anymore.

And just in time for June 7th, too, which, for some reason (and who are we to argue), has been dubbed National Donut Day.

If this arbitrarily chosen food holiday slips your mind, don’t worry: we believe that every day at the Original is Donut Day.