Did You Know?

Did You Know? Thursday, August 15, 2013

thumbnail donut sliders

that all the condiments in our caddies are homegrown, produced by Portlanders?

that we offer gluten-free bread?

that our burgers don’t just come from one farm (Highland Oak)—they come from one cow?

that we’re LEED Gold certified? That means we compost what you can’t finish.

that we’re open late on weekends? And by late, we mean real late—until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.

that if you work in the service industry, you’re entitled to 20 percent off your check any time you drop by?

and that Margaret Thatcher was once a chemist who helped bring soft serve ice cream to the people of world?

NOTE: A few of you did, and you told us so during our July is National Ice Cream Month Twitter Trivia Contest. Our next Twitter Trivia contest will drop in September. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the full details and your chance to win free eats!