DONUT BURGER SLIDERS Friday, January 10, 2014


donut burger slidersHmmm.

Call us crazy, but we’ve always thought this photo had the look of two battleships quietly charging toward us as we nervously watch from the shore.

Sounds menacing, but these little Happy Hour treats—made of meat, cheese and housemade donuts— aren’t menacing at all. In fact, they can be defeated quite handily with just a few bites.

Now for those of you who think the whole concept’s…well….just too much…we’ve made ’em slider-sized, which lets you and your date try a slider each without having to fully commit.

So If you haven’t already had one, now’s the day.

National Glazed Donut Day, to be precise, so—whether you’re splitting ‘em or hogging ‘em all to yourself—have a happy one.