GREEN BLOODY MARYS Saturday, March 15, 2014

green bloody maryLots of us “bleed” green. Packers fans do. So do Ducks fans. And probably no fan bleeds a greener green than a Timbers fan.

But for one day each we year—St. Patrick’s Day—we all bleed a little green.

Especially all of you Shamrock Runners

So if you’re jogging yourself out during this year’s annual Run, or whether you just want to feel a little Irish, you must, must, must stop by for Sunday Brunch on March 16.

That’s right, we’ll be mixing up Green Bloody Marys, made with smoked tomatillos, fresh horseradish, a stick of beef jerky and a vodka infused with said beef jerky.

So this St. Patty’s Day, skip the green beer—because, eww!

Show us your colors, and we’ll show you ours.