‘Greetings From…’ Wall Loyalty Program Unveiled at The Original Dinerant

‘Greetings From…’ Wall Loyalty Program Unveiled at The Original Dinerant Saturday, November 20, 2010

We Thank-You for visiting The Original. And whether you live here in Portland or not, we want to keep you in our thoughts…so when you leave town, send us a postcard ‘Hello’ and we’ll put it up on our “Greetings From” wall.

Everyone loves to hear about travels, be they to exotic lands afar, or just back home to Anytown USA – because to all of us *not* traveling with you the trip IS exciting.

So TAKE a card off our “Greetings From” wall with you, and send us a postcard when you get there (our address is on the back of the card).  And when you return to The Original, find your postcard on the wall and we’ll treat you to a free appetizer just for thinking of us.  If you’d like even more Thanks from us, then include your e-mail address on that postcard you send us, and we’ll add you to our Loyalty Program – starting you off with 100 free points (you get a ‘point’ for every dollar you spend enjoying us), and your first reward will be a $25 gift certificate when you hit 250 points!

The Original is proud to have hosted you in our place.  And we’d love to keep a bit of you here with us…

The Original:  Eat. Drink. Gather.

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