HAMBURGERS! Friday, December 20, 2013

deluxe burgerToday is National Hamburger Day

which got us thinking about how we make—and how you consume—what just might be America’s National Dish.

But the numbers, we’ve served about 15,000 Ham, Cheese, Turkey, Veggie and Donut Burgers this year. That’s just north of 40 burgers per day—and we’ve still got December to get through!

But there’s a reason why you love them as much as we do. They’re yummy. Here’s how they come:


  • Ham’d: all the fixins, sans cheese
  • Cheese’d: all the fixins and cheese—six different kinds
  • Deluxe’d: all the fixins (minus red onions) served with gruyère and blue cheeses and handcut fried onions
  • Turkey’d: same as Ham’d, but with ground turkey instead of cow
  • Veggie’d: same as Turkey’d, but with a black bean and quinoa patty instead of bird
  • and Donut’d: a pair of slider-sized patties topped with cheese and sandwiched between housemade glazed donut buns

Nearly all of them come with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and aioli on a Grand Central Bakery bun with chipped dill pickles on the side, with topping options that include caramelized onions, sauteéd mushrooms, avocado, guacamole, fried eggs and, of course, bacon.

And each is paired with soup, salad or French fries, and, if you’re really committed, you can upgrade to Chili Cheese Fries or Poutine for two bucks more.

You can even get yours with an extra patty or, if you’re feeling a little mad, Put a Fried Bird on It.

So, there are pretty much almost unlimited ways to eat your burger.

So how’re you gonna do it?