ICE CREAM ‘BAKE’ SALE Monday, July 22, 2013

ice cream posterEvery once in a while, we like to throw a bake sale and donate our proceeds to a worthy cause.

This month, we’ve picked a very worthy cause. This month, we’re raising funds for our friends and neighbors, New Avenues for Youth.

Thing is, this ainno regular bake sale. It’s a “frozen” bake sale.

On Friday July 26, from 11am—2pm, we’ll be on the street scooping housemade ice cream into specialty housemade waffle cones.

What makes them so special? They’re vegan. And gluten-free. And impossibly delicious.

So why would we whip up vegan gluten-free waffle cones? After all, their progenitor, Jordan Crews, likes meat and wheat.

Because we want all of you to enjoy the same joys that every child enjoys while chomping into a homemade waffle cone.

Plus we want to remind any smirkers out there who sneer at all things vegan and gluten-free that things doesn’t have to be wrapped in bacon to taste good.