ICE CREAM MONTH! Monday, July 07, 2014

ice cream month scoopsWhen the weather heats up

music critics in each of these Unites States try outfoxing one another by being the first to correctly identify the summer song.

But ask any kid his or her favorite summer jam and the answer you’ll invariably hear is: “I scream, you scream, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!”

As we celebrate National Ice Cream Month (in July, natch), our Pastry Team has come up with a half-dozen ways to tickle pink the tastebuds and bellies of Portland’s youngsters, devising all the while ways to please those same kids’ adult parents.

Our new one-month-only July scoop flavors include:

  • a seasonally fruity Buttermilk Strawberry
  • a sweetly salty Pistachio Roca
  • a superlatively sweet Vietnamese Coffee
  • a bitey Honey Ginger
  • an impossibly chocolatey rich Rocky Road
  • and a peerless dairyless Raspberry Sherbet

Grownups, of course, can dig their spoons into any of those scoops, or opt instead for a one of our very adult boozy shakes or one of our brand new Lambic beer floats which come flavored in either peach or raspberry.

So say, “Hello, Summer!” Portland, and buckle up: It’s about to get tasty.