Italian Rhubarb Soda

Italian Rhubarb Soda Monday, June 16, 2014

italian rhubarb sodaEven if you don’t eat much ice cream these days,

the kid who lives inside you still loves the stuff. Cones, sundaes, Eskimo pies, doesn’t matter. You got drunk on it back then. We all did.

So we think this little adult something’ll please the both the current and the former yous.

Our Italian Rhubarb Soda sounds rather plain. In fact, it doesn’t even sound like a cocktail. And frankly, it doesn’t really taste like one either. And we mean that in a good way.

No, the Italian Rhubarb Soda tastes like a Push-Up. It’s made (natch) with housemade rhubarb syrup, Skyy Vanilla Vodka, a splash of Aperol, a dash of orange flower water, and comes served in a Mason jar with a fluffy, whipped cloud of cream.

When you try one, you won’t notice the vodka, which is rendered by the other flavors essentially invisible.

Rather, you’ll taste how you spent your summery youth chasing down the ice cream man whenever you heard the loopy chimes of Turkey in the Straw.

No need to chase him anymore. Besides, after a couple of these you’ll be in no conditions to run. By which we mean legless. Like a kid on an ice cream bender.