MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH Thursday, May 02, 2013

mother's dayOkay, sons and daughters: Mother’s Day’s drawing near—it’s Sunday, May 12, if you didn’t already know—so do the right thing and treat the woman who gave you your life the right way.

And we’re not just talking about taking her to brunch. That’s probably in your cards, already.

No, we mean making sure she has a comfortable seat at the table, and that means making a reservation, and making it early.

Now you could show up with your mother and your brother and your sister, and then stand around for an hour waiting for a table to open.

But you weren’t raised that way.

So here’s what you do: call us up and reserve your mother her Mother’s Day brunch table today. Or tomorrow. Or the day after. But soon.

Seriously, don’t sleep on it. Portland brunches are crazy-busy as it is, but Mother’s Day brunch is going to be insanely crazy-busy.

And while you could reserve your table online, we strongly, strongly encourage you to dial us up, speak with a live human being and reserve your table that way.

You do your part, and we’ll make sure she’s treated right. That’s why we’ve designed a special one-day-only Mother’s Day menu just for her. Dishes include:

  • Brioche Sticky Buns with cream cheese frosting
  • Goodie Baskets of warm sweet and savory pastries
  • Spring Quiche with asparagus, wild ramps, foraged mushrooms and gruyère
  • Smoked Salmon Benedict with olive oil-poached fingerling potatoes, dill crumpets and hollandaise
  • Warm Rhubarb Bread Pudding with chèvre, arugula and bacon lardons