NEW (AND IMPROVED) VEGGIE BURGER Friday, October 04, 2013

black bean burgerHow does our new and improved veggie burger compare to our old one?

Well, the new part is that we scrapped the chickpeas we once used to make them with in favor of black beans. We then mix those black beans with quinoa, corn, red peppers, green beans and just a trace of jalapeños.

The improved part comes in how we make ’em. We used to flash fry them. Not anymore.

Because really, why deep-fry your healthiest burger option?

The newbie is shaped into half-pound patty that’s been char-grilled and is then sandwiched between a grilled Grand Central Bakery bun.

It’s perfectly healthy and perfectly vegan, if, that is, you skip the aioli. Aioli, of course, has egg in it. But if you need some sauce, why not spread on yours some NW Elixirs No. 1 Hott Sauce?