OG SUPER-SECRET BURGER WEEK Thursday, April 16, 2015



So we just wrapped up a 2-day burger panel in which we invited just shy of 30 members from the local media to ask them what they think about the new burgers we’re doing now, the old burgers we’ve improved and one burger that we’ve yet to put on the menu (yet). And here’s what they said.

After reading through their ratings, we can conclude that The OG Deluxe, our signature burger (now with whipped blue cheese instead of crumbles), surprised them. Most seemed to think it would be hum-drum, but most thought it was really a hum-dinger.

They said our Taco Burger needs some work, because there was something that was simply missing. Some suggested jalapeños. Others suggested deep-fried fried jalapeños. While more than one said it needed some crunch, which could be fixed by smashing a bunch of tortilla chips into the finxins.

But two burgers collectively knocked them all out: our Bánh Mì burger and The Squeeler.

Now the bánh mì was certainly the most polarizing—some people like duck liver pâté, some don’t. But most people dug it—a lot.

But the burger most dug was The Squeeler, with its bacon-beef and egg combo.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and keep your eyes on our menu. Changes are in the works, and creating Portland’s yummiest burgers is paramount.

Our burgers are ground each day in house, and each burger’s brioche sesame seeded buns are baked fresh each day, too.

Keep reading to learn more about the ingredients in each burger panel burger.

The OG Deluxe Burger

all-beef patty, fried onions, gruyére, whipped blue cheese, lettuce, tomato and shallot aioli

The Taco Burger

all-beef patty (with super-secret taco seasonings), cheddar, lettuce and pico de gallo

The Bánh Mì Burger

all-pork patty (marinated in and mixed with fish sauce, lime juice, chile paste and scallions), pickled carrots, daikon, lettuce, sriracha aioli and duck liver pâté

The Squealer

all-beef-and-smoked-bacon patty, hard-fried egg, lime-pickled red onions, lettuce and chipotle aioli