Oh, those monks! Who would’ve ever guessed that the two main ingredients that make collegiate matches of beer pong possible and, alas, endurable, would come from the merry men who meticulously studied the book in which transmogrified wine, not beer, is the drink of choice.

That’s because it’s generally agreed upon that monks, famous for brewing well-crafted beer, were also most likely the first pretzel bakers. (Although it should be noted that it’s very unlikely that coeds will opt for a Trappist ale during games of toss-and-bounce-the-ball-in-the-cup—after all, if all you have is just a little scratch, you can buy an entire case of Natural Light for the same amount of money it takes to buy one 11-ounce bottle of Chimay—but that would’ve made for cold opener.)

So whether you’re playing pong or practicing something much more urbane, like foosball or darts, there is one thing of which we are all certain: beer and pretzels are the peanut butter and jelly of the nightlife set.

At The Original, you’ll find neither darts, foosball, or pong. What you will find is much more sophisticated sport: fascinating conversation. And what goes better with a good talk than a fine beer? And we’ve always had beer. But now we have the pretzels to go with it.

Specifically, Cheese Curd-Stuffed Pretzels. Light, fluffy, salty and melty, these bite-sized snacks come with a pair of dipping sauces, including our housemade Honey Mustard Dip, made with honey and whole mustard seeds, the combination of which we then submerge in a malt vinegar-and-beer bath for a full 24 hours before serving.

But you can also opt to dip your pretzels in our sweet and spicy Tomato Bacon Jam, which we make with bacon, fresh tomatoes, yellow onions, salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar and hot sauce from Thailand.

Try some today. With a beer.

You can probably even play pong, too, if you’re resourceful enough. There’s gotta be out there at least one, if not countless, Beer Pong Apps, yeah?

But we suggest instead you nosh on some pretzels and that quaff your beer, not slam it. And while your at it, give your date your attention, rather than your smartphone. Trust us.