So, maybe it’s been a long, hard night. When you wake up, you realize that maybe you shouldn’t have overdone it, but you did, and, as you wake up and once again make that old, familiar promise to yourself, your body tries to tell you something. I need attention, it says. I need some fuel.

There are, in fact, lots of remedies (and myths too countless to enumerate) for regaining your strength after a long night of too much fun.

But of those remedies, two of the best—besides, of course, lots of water and lots of rest—are eggs, which help restore the body’s strength, and chiles, which possess the natural properties to relieve your headache.

So it’s probably not much of a stretch to suggest that Chilaquiles—an old-fashioned “casserole” made primarily of “leftovers”—might do the trick.

Imagine hosting a large party, a celebration, in which the food is simply the preamble to the bacchanalia that follows. When the guests begin to rise in the morning, you simply take what what they couldn’t finish the night before and mix it all together into something new. That’s Chilaquiles.

At The Original, we observe the spirit of this simple dish, using fresh ingredients, prepared daily.

Basically, we scramble together a couple of eggs with our house-fried tortillas and our homemade chile verde, which we prepare either with or without pork. Then, we garnish it with avocado, sour cream and cotija—a salty Mexican cheese—and there you go. That’s pretty much it.

It sounds simple—and it is—but there’s something magical in its simplicity, too.

So to give it just a little more depth, we finish it all off with a dollop of concentrated Oaxacan mole made from dried chiles, dried nuts, dried fruits and a hint of chocolate, which we ground together with garlic, olive oil and bananas.

So enjoy it. It’s what your body wants. It gives you strength, makes you feel better and, plainly put, tastes terrific.