original-dinerant-portland-dining-froot-loop-pancakesWhen it comes to the breakfast griddle (where waffles, French toast and childhood dreams are made), there is pretty much nothing more vanilla than a stack of buttermilk pancakes.

But we don’t mean that pejoratively, really. See, it’s like this: buttermilk pancakes, like vanilla ice cream, are solid. They’re reliable. And they taste good. But because of their natural neutrality, they almost always taste better with something just a littlemore.

So what magic must one muster to turn a stack of ordinary flapjacks into something exotic? If you could travel back in time to the Saturday morning cartoon culture of your youth, what would you put on your pancakes?

As most of you know, we’d sprinkle ours with Froot Loops (in fact, we do!). But when you get down to it, the Froot Loops are merely a smokescreen, a ruse to lure you in to give to you what the child in you came for: sugar. In this case, a thick, rich, creamy and very sugary frosting that we spread between each pancake.

And just in case there’s a part of your stack on which our frosting has not been spread, we deliver your pancakes with a trio of syrups: the standard maple, a seasonal berry and our universally adored honey butter.

Honestly, we always thought this dish would most appeal to your children—and by the way, you can order your child a Froot Loop pancake from our kids menu—but day after day, year after year, it’s you, the parents, and the children within you, who consistently seek out this particular sugar rush.

So order up a stack, pair with a bottomless cup of Stumptown coffee, and laugh to yourself as your kids try keeping up with you for a change.