For centuries, maybe even millennia, polenta and its cousins (porridge, hominy and grits) have been a staple dish for people everywhere. It’s quick and easy to make, and a little bit goes a long way when feeding a big family.

It’s also a versatile ingredient. You can put anything on it (or in it) to, so to speak, spice it up. Think of it like rice or pasta. In other words, it’s not the spaghetti that puts a smiles on your family’s face, it’s the red sauce and the meatballs.

To make out breakfast Polenta Cakes, we grind corn, turning it into a fine masa, which is then steeped and simmered in a creamy milk and honey bath.

All we do then is remove the heat and pour it into a long, shallow trays. Once it sets, we simply cut it all into into rectangles and, voila!

These cakes would taste good on their own, but we make them taste even better by cook them to-order, on the griddle, and topping them with shaved sprinklings of white cheddar cheese, thick-and-crisp slices of candied bacon and a sampling our homemade honey butter syrup.

If Pancakes are a kids’ thing and French Toast is for everyone, think of our Polenta Cakes as special dish made for those who want something savoy, sophisticated and grown-up, but that’s still sweet enough to tickle the child within.