While no one is quite sure exactly how the burrito got its name (it translates, literally, as “little donkey”), we like to think that it’s a metaphor inspired by the packs these beasts of burden once carried—transporting, in this case, tortillas, and all that’s wrapped within them, from your fingers to your mouths.

A cousin to the taco, the burrito originated in central Mexico as a sort of Aztec street sandwich, which migrated north, across the Sonoran Desert and the Rio Grande, before finally settling in the early 20th century on menus in Los Angeles, California, and growing fat and happy on menus in towns across the great state of Texas.

Originally, burritos contained few ingredients and were quick and convenient to eat. But it should come as no surprise that, a century later, the burrito as we now know it, continues to swell in size the farther north it comes. In fact, at present, it’s almost impossible to find a burrito that’s not the size of a baby watermelon.

And so ours is no exception. The Original’s Breakfast Burrito, offered daily for breakfast or for brunch, is comprised of scrambled eggs, onions and potatoes—all of which is wrapped up in a large flour tortilla, over which we melt and ladle generous portions of melted cheddar cheese and pork chili verde (made with pulled pork shoulder, tomatillos, green chiles and jalapeños).

And if pork’s not your thing, worry not—we’ll serve it with a vegetarian verde made especially for you.