original-dinerant-portland-dining-brunch-burgerYou know us by our Soda-Jerk Sodas. You know us by our Boozy Shakes. But more than anything, you probably know us best by our architecturally sculpted, often towering, mouth-and-eye-watering Burgers.

We make them with Turkey, with Chicken and with Chickpeas and Quinoa. We make them with beef, we make them by hand, we make them deluxe and, occasionally, when you’re least expecting it, you just might find one sandwiched between a glazed housemade donut.

But we’ve never really made one for breakfast. Until now.

So when you glance over our breakfast menu in search of the day’s most important meal and you still find yourself still impatient for lunch, we’ve got good news, and we’re calling it the Brunch Burger.

From afar, it looks just like a regular hamburger, but once it’s placed before you, you know it’s clearly not.

Sure, we still hand-form half-pound Black Angus patties sourced from Highland Oak Farm—where the hormone-free moo-cows are often fed by hand—and sandwich them between those familiar  sesame-seed buns.

But to make sure we’re really giving this the cock’s crow, we top it with a pair of thickly sliced bacon strips, a fried egg , a slice of melted cheddar cheese and—for a master stroke—a generous, and possibly even gratuitous, ladling of thick, sausage-studded Country Gravy.

Oh. And a slice of Tomato, or two. Just because.

The only question is, “What to eat in between bites?” If you’re feeling particularly health-conscious, you could choose to pair your buger with a side salad tossed with with tomatoes, and cucumbers in a lemon-olive oil vinaigrette.

But what’s a burger, especially one that drips with gravy, without a side of fries. And, because you asked, and because we listened, you can now pair any meat-and-potatoes breakfast dish with a side of home-fried hash browns.

Unless you’re brave enough to eat this burger with your hands, all you’ll need is a fork, a knife and a healthy appetite.

And napkins. Lots of napkins.