Some say he was paranoid enough to carry his steel on stage. Others say he faked his own death and lived for years in anonymity, only to die in a street fight with an Egyptian mummy. Others say that he stole everything he knew from Johnny Cash.

The myths that coil and curl around the King are many.

But there are a few things about Elvis Aaron Presley we know to be true: he loved gospel music, he loved his momma and he was hip to bacon long before we collectively propelled it to its present and inescapable ubiquity.

And of all the dishes Elvis loved most—a fact that is widely cited and undisputed—his favorite has to have have been the Fried Bacon-and-Peanut-Butter-Banana sandwich.

Some legends are remembered in song. Others are reborn as statues. Others, still, are immortalized in food.

And since we’re neither singers nor sculptors, we present to you the Elvis Sighting, a Frankenstein of a breakfast sando, comprised of sliced bananas and two crispy bacon strips sandwiched between two thick slices of French Toast and crowned with a dollop of hand-mashed banana mouse.

And lest you think we’ve forgotten, yes, we rain upon it a generous drizzling of our prized peanut butter maple syrup (all of it wrapped up like a present and pictured, here, with our “Put a Fried Bird On It” fried chicken option, because, well, why not?).

So when you’re feeling hungry, come pay tribute to the mover and the shaker who brought the world to its knees, and who may or may not have used a Colt 45 as the prototypical remote control.