ORIGINAL BRUNCH: WAFFLES! Monday, March 18, 2013

Pancakes are good and French Toast is better, but Waffles are best of all.

Eating one is kinda like eating dessert first thing in the morning, except without the shame.

All you gotta decide is how you want us to make ’em. Decisions, decisions.

Do you go with our plate-sized Cornmeal Bacon Waffle, with bits of bacon in every bite? Or do you play it cool and go instead with our Classic Belgian Waffle?

And wait, because there’s more—there’s always more.

Do you butter yours up with a ramekin of butter that we whipped up while most of you were still asleep?

Do you drizzle yours with real maple syrup, seasonal berry syrup or homemade honey-butter syrup? Do you soak it instead?

Do you ask us to garnish it with a double-battered deep-fried chicken breast?

Besides golden brown on the outside and light and fluffy on the in, how do you want your Waffle*?

*The only sad part is that we only break out the waffle irons for brunch.