Handmade Cocktails. Locally Distilled Craft Spirits. Every Wednesday Night.

Poor Wednesday. It is, hands down, the day our poets and blues shouters most often neglect, and the one time they do remember it, this is what we get: Wednesday’s child…full of woe.

Must it be, though?

After all, Wednesday does have its charms. It’s halfway to Saturday, so when you leave the office every Wednesday evening, you know that you’ve already smote three heads of the 5-headed snake that makes up your work week, which many people see as a cause enough célèbre to get a jump on the weekend.

We, too, think that poor Wednesday doesn’t get the love it deserves. That’s why we we’re Christening it with some of the city’s finest locally distilled spirits.

Behold: Homegrown Wednesdays.

Tired of your usual (vodka sodas, Jack ‘n’ Cokes and Martinis that are nothing more than bruised and battered vodkas served up in a stinger)?

Then why not try an Oregroni, which is both a neologism and a homegrown homage to the classic Negroni cocktail, meaning the spirits we stir in with the Campari—the gin and the vermouth—are  distilled right here in Portland.

And the Oregroni just a sample of what you can expect every Wednesday night. Just ask our Wednesday night bartender, Jessica Braasch, what her whims are, and trust her to help you rediscover the old drinks you’ve long forgotten with new and inventive spirits made in your own backyard.

So join us on Wednesdays, skip your usual, and treat yourself to something handcrafted and homegrown, because your local distillers need your love as much as Wednesday does.