The legend goes, the Arnold Palmer is so named because that’s what the country club bartenders called the Half and Halfs (equal parts iced tea and lemonade) that legendary golfer invariably ordered.

Years later, they started spiking the Arnold Palmer with a shot of vodka, and the inauspiciously coined John Daly was born, inspired by the mostly erratic and occasionally brilliant golfer best known for his unapologetic lifestyle of gambling, boozing and chain-smoking.

So what would John Daly’s wife drink (or, should we say, wives—he had four of them) when left to her own devices while he toured with the PGA? Surely she would share something in common with the man, no?

And so, in keeping with our tradition of taking something good and making from it something new and, arguably, better, we think she’d probably drink something like this.

Our Barb Daly, it should go without saying, is not named after the prize-winning Harlequin Romance novelist, but for that idelaized version of that special lady whom we would consider to be John Daly’s ideal mate. Of course, it’s unsurprisingly comprised of very similar ingredients.

Vodka? It goes without saying.

Lemonade? Well, sort of: our new lemonade is a pink one, colored so by the lemon-rhubarb simple syrup we stir into it. Add to that plenty of floating lemon slices and you’ve got a cocktail that’s as pretty as a picture and mean enough to pack a good, strong punch.

So ladies, while your men spend their weekends hitting the links and lounging for hours in the clubhouse making back room deals and sharing with one another their secret peccadilloes, show them that this is an equal-opportunity world in which you and your friends can likewise gather to shoot a similar breeze, whether you’re all on the links or kicking up your feet on a sunny Saturday afternoon.