The sunrise. Who, besides vampires of all walks of unwaking life, doesn’t enjoy one? A new day dawning, like the passing of a day done, is always something to behold. But we know, should you stay up long enough to see one, that most sunrises can be bittersweet experiences, because the long, wonderful night you’ve just is clearly coming to an end. And we know that when this happens that you know that, somewhere, a bed waits for you, as well as a headful of dreams.

So what better way to commemorate such passings than with a cocktail in honor of that big, glowing, orange ball in the sky.

So that’s why we figure it’s time to introduce what we’re calling the Bittersweet Sunrise, one of newest signature cocktails.

So let us, then, first consider the bitter.

First we take a shot of Aperol, a bitter Italian aperitif containing cinchona bark and gentian, then add to that our housemade Bitter Orange Soda, a concoction of lemon zest, lemon and orange rinds, elderflower, cinchona bark and bitters, all of which we bring to a therapeutic steep before cooling.

Add to that the sweet, including sugar from the soda’s simple syrup and a shot of Benedictine, a sweet, potent French liqueur made with too many ingredients to count from a secret, centuries-old family recipe, and you’ve got a cocktail that captures the feeling that all of us long for every once in a while.

Garnish it with the a curled lemon rind and pour over ice and you’ve got the perfect drink with which to end your day, or, should you still be awake, your long night.