It seems pretty likely that the Sidecar joined the American cocktail cannon not long after the Doughboys of WWI returned from the Western front. And it’s probably safe to bet that they liked them enough to bring the recipe home to the states, where its long since been a lounge and super club staple.

Traditionally, the Sidecar is made with Cognac, triple sec and lemon juice, which has, over time, essentially evolved (or devolved) into a standard brandy sour.

Still, there are many variations on how one can be made, and, because we like whiskey, we shrugged and decided to go with whiskey. But the name, Whiskey Sidecar, just seem to lack a lot of imaginative luster, and it doesn’t really capture Portland’s inherent ability to twist something just enough to make it new again.

So, then, we ask, what does Portland have in spades that many others places don’t? Besides bicycles, inventive chefs and people who know their spirits, we have trolleys.

And so, we recreate the classic Sidecar by dolling it up it and crowning it the PDX Streetcar.

Made with Big Bottom Whiskey, a 91-proof bourbon distilled in Kentucky—where it’s aged for three years in port casks—and bottled in nearby Hillsboro, our Streetcar, served up in a cocktail glass with a fresh lemon squeeze, looks an awful lot like a Sidecar.

But this ain’t about looks. It’s about taste.

That’s why we use Combier, a very, very fine triple sec, by giving it a ginger-sugar rim and by garnishing it all with a lemon twist and a thick slice of candied ginger.

In other words, it’s got all the qualities that people generally seek in a mate: it’s sexy, sophisticated, sweet, and has just a trace of bitterness. So if that mate is still eluding you, come on in and get the next best thing.