ORIGINAL CONTESTS: PI(E) DAY! Saturday, March 02, 2013

Attention Poindexters and Poindextresses! Put on your thinking caps, because March 14 is Pi(e) Day!

And you know what that means? The Original’s Annual Pi(e) Trivia Contest!

Between 10am and 2:30pm, we’ll be tweeting out Pi(e)-related questions. If you’re the first to Tweet us back with the correct answer, we’ll treat you to one FREE slice of pie the next time you drop by.

Just follow our feed that day and keep your eyes peeled for Pi(e)-related trivia that’ll drop every 30 minutes. And remember, this contest isn’t necessarily about knowing the correct answer (you’re already getting the questions online, so the correct answer’s just a search away), as much as it is about being the first to Tweet us back with the correct one.

Contest ends at 3pm, so submit your answers before then.

And to make it easier, just follow the hashtag #OGTrivia.

If you’re not already following us on Twitter, you can do so by clicking HERE.