ORIGINAL CONTESTS: (WO)MAN vs DOG Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some of them deprive themselves of nutritious sustenance before taking their marks. Some of them use water as a lubricant to make these little torpedoes slippery enough to go down faster. Some of them simply break them in two and simultaneously inhale both halves like shameless sword-swallowing ducks.

But either way, they’ve come every year for the last two years, to participate in the competitive eating contest they’ve come to know as MAN vs DOG.

However, this contest does not strictly conform to the familiar trope of MAN vs THING. Looked at in a different light, the match can just as easily be considered a bout of MAN vs SELF.

But if we truly wish to properly describe this annual event, we should probably classify it as WOMAN vs DOG, or even WOMAN vs MAN, because, of the three winners we’ve had in the last two years—2010’s event ended in a draw—two have been, chromosomally, Double-Xers.

The Ys have, frankly, fallen behind.

Will 2011 be the year of the MAN? Or will the WOMEN remain reigning supreme?

Find out who will be crowned this year’s Smiter of Dogs on Sunday, September 18, at 3pm sharp, at The Original (300 SW 6th Avenue).

And, remember, if you’re interested in not merely spectating, but are leaning toward participating, well… we want YOU. Do you have what it takes to eat as many hot dogs as possible in a mere 10 minutes?

All we ask of you is that you ask your friends and family to sponsor your efforts, whether they choose to pay you $1 or $5 for every dog you consume. We are, however, seeking serious eaters intent on raising at least $50 for the event. To compete, send us an email at info@originaldinerant.com.

Because every participant will be will be raising funds for every dog eaten, and those collective efforts will benefit the Children’s Hospital Travel Fund.

Of course, the winner, in addition to having the privilege of eating as many free hot dogs as he or she can eat and helping out a good cause, but will take home not only a Championship Trophy, but will be treated to one $50 gift certificate to dine at The Original each month for one full year. Respectively, second- and third-place finishers will receive one-time $50 and $25 gift certificates.

The only questions that remain are who will be this year’s winner, and will she, this year, finally be a he?