The recipe for cheesecake is truly a classic one. It’s older than the Renaissance, older still than the Dark Ages and can, in fact, be dated to a time when Prometheus stole fire from the gods, which he in turn gave to us, making possible the entire concept of cooking.

In its modern forms, cheesecake tends to be sweet, dense and, because it’s often served in portions that rival in size a catcher’s mitt, quite filling.

By these standards, our Huckleberry Cheesecake is perfectly proportioned. It’s neither too small, nor too large, making it the ideal size to be enjoyed after a quiet dinner alone, or to be shared among friends and family.

But what really makes our cheesecake stand out is its flavor. In addition to the obligatory eggs and sugar, many cheesecakes are made with cream cheese. But we stray curiously from that norm by baking in equal parts cream cheese and chèvre (translated, from the French, as cheese made from goats’ milk), which empowers out kitchen to create a smooth cake that swaps out some of the sweet from a tarter, tangier taste.

After a brief cooking spell just shy of five minutes, we cool and serve it atop a graham cracker crust, top it with plump orbs of local huckleberries and spread on the plate a subtle and surprising tangy lime crème anglaise.

If you’ve yet to try it, consider saving a little room after your next meal at The Original and order this surprising dessert so that you, too, may pay your respects to the Bringer of Fire who made all of this possible.