Remember playing Kick the Can? How about Mumbltypeg? Do you know what is, in fact, black and white and read all over?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of these questions, then…well, you’ve definitely dated yourself.

Times change, of course, and so does our idea of what it is to play. And let’s face it, kids don’t play like they used to.

Can you even remember the last time you had dinner with friends whose child didn’t keep himself “busy” by tuning out those tedious, insufferable adult conversations by thumbing away at the smartphone before him until his food arrives?

So, when you’re eating out, how do you reach out to the unreachable?

Because you, too, were once a child, you know that you’ve got a couple of magic arrows in your quiver that, if properly aimed, will cause the commotion needed to sneak up on and connect to the little boy whose face glows blue with electric light.

Because you, too, were once a child, you remember that, besides puppies and ponies, every child swears allegiance, above all, to two things: ice cream and soda pop.

So after he’s through picking at his food, order your table a round of ice cream floats.

Because who can resist the way a few cloudy scoops of homemade vanilla ice cream slowly melt into a tall glass filled with Coke, Cherry Coke or, the quintessential ice cream float refresher, Root Beer.

If you want, you can even opt for Mr. Pibb (which was Dr. Pepper way before Dr. Pepper was Dr. Pepper).

So go ahead. Treat yourself. And treat your kid, or your friend’s kid. Because the best way to connect with the child before you is to first reanimate the child within you.