We’re getting old.

But at 235 years, we’re still a little spry, which means we know how to get up to get down. And so every summer and every July in particular, we take some time to celebrate just what it means to be distinctly us.

School’s out, backyard barbecues are in. And, as always, there’s hot dogs, baseball, rock ‘n’ roll, apple pie and mom.

And ice cream. Because in addition to declaring our independence from the Brits each July, we formally observe our favorite dessert by each year celebrating National Ice Cream Month.

Now, we didn’t invent ice cream, because every culture has pretty much invented it, even thousands of years before our now increasingly common practice of refrigeration. But that doesn’t mean we can’t reinvent it, right?

So for the month of July, in addition to our standard six housemade ice cream flavors, we’re putting the “D” in your democracy by giving you the chance to choose  from among our 13 new flavors, which include the perennial varieties like Buttermilk, Salted Caramel and Root Beer Float.

But if you want to try something really imaginative, sample our Grilled Peach and Pink Peppercorn, our Blackberry Lemon Verbena Fro-Yo, as well as something our pastry chef, Sally, is calling The Graceland Special: banana ice cream with chunks of peanut butter-bacon fudge.

Of course, you can order up each flavor as a sundae, which means a choice sauce and/or topping, and, as always, each scoop is finished with a swirling cloud of hand-whipped cream and a house-cured maraschino cherry.

But we suggest you might first try your scoops plain so that you can sample your favorites in all their subtle and varied complexities. And we suggest you do so soon. Like Independence Day, National Ice Cream month comes but once a year.