ORIGINAL DESSERTS: IT’S PIE! Friday, November 23, 2012

Attention, shoppers! You already know that pie’s not just for March 21st, the same way marijuana enthusiasts know that weed’s not just for April 20.

And even though you’re probably finishing off yesterday’s sweet potato pie today, you also know that it’s not time to draw the curtains on Pie Season just yet. In fact, pie season’s just getting warmed up.

So if you find yourself wandering the mall in the next few weeks, tearing out your figurative hair by the handsful, swing by The Original, and we’ll sequester you a quiet little table where you can recollect your senses and relax with a slice of our always-changing Daily Pie from our magically spinning phone booth-shaped pastry case.

And if all that shopping’s got you so tuckered out that you find yourself with neither the the time nor the energy to bake whole pie for your upcoming holiday dinners, let us do it for you.

Because, really: what are you gonna do, bake a cake? Don’t be ridiculous.

You can even impress your friends and family by saying you baked our pie. Go ahead, we won’t tell.

So whether you’re looking for Apple, Cherry, Pumpkin or Pecan, we’ve got the pie you need and the pie your family wants.

Just give us a some notice, and we’ll have your pie ready for your next holiday spread.

And remember, everyone: the best way to shut a piehole is to stuff it with pie.