In the words of our Pastry Chef, Sally Bowers, the Pudding Shooter, or (sic) the portmanteau’d “Pooter“—a term of which she says her husband, Tom, is not particularly fond, but which would certainly make the late Wynonie Harris proud—grants her the ability to “unleash creative freedom in the form of alcoholic pudding, which you throw back, as a shot.”

Sally, the mastermind behind the flavors of our half-dozen Boozy Milkshakes, was recently interviewed by Portland journalist, blogger and broadcaster Byron Beck for his internet television program earth2world, where she explained the Pooter’s genesis, how she makes them, as well as how to shoot them.

Ultimately, Sally says, the Pooter starts off with a simple pudding base—the kind which our grandmothers, or even their grandmothers, once cooked up, made solely of milk, eggs and cornstarch, with some vanilla whipped into it.

Once the pudding foundation’s been laid, Sally simply rolls through her internal rolodex of recipes to finish of the shooter with something imaginative, fun and a little intoxicating.

For Beck’s show, she honored him by dedicating to him his very own Pooter: the Banana Cream Pooter, made with flecks of freshly ground vanilla beans, bananas, whipped cream and dark rum. (It was, Beck, Sally says, who, having recently had something similar to a pudding shooter, inspired her to create her own line of Pooters.)

Pooters, which change flavors every few days or so, are now available every day, all day. Just ask your server or take a peek inside out pastry case to see what your flavor is.

Whether you shoot it, or spoon it out, is up to you.