Maybe it’s because it is the 21st century (which may mean we’re too busy impressing our dates…when we’re not ignoring them in favor of our 21st-century smartphones), but we seem to have lost our bacchanalian ways.

Time was, we’d call someone (or even email them). Now we shoot them a text. And somewhere along the way, long before smartphones, we chose forks and knives over our hands and teeth when digging into something meaty and juicy.

We’ve not only lost touch with our inner-Berserker, we can’t even remember its milder and, some would say, more sophisticated Viking and Caveman cousins.

Recently, its seems like the only things we’ve got to stir those old cellular memories are, you know, those Renaissance Faire drumsticks. And those are but available what, maybe for a few weeks, once a year?

But that was then.

If our Braised Pork Shank doesn’t rouse those old memories and inspire to skip the fork and knife…well, then you are quite civilized. But then again, maybe your date would be more impressed if you did go the old hands-and-teeth route (would not a man be jelly in the hands of a woman who ate like a Viking?).

Cured with garlic, coriander, salt, sugar and other spices, and cooked in its own fat, our meaty, cudgel-shaped Shank is so tender that it just clings to, rather than completely slides off, the bone.

And it’s accompanied by a quartet of artfully piled Bacon Apple Fritters, little doughy fried balls seasoned with cinnamon and, you guessed it, bourbon. Because, why not?

And because it’s such a pretty package we put a bow on it—in this case, a small salad comprised of apple shavings, basil and thyme.

So, jaws or fork, how you eat it all is up to you. But if you do choose to use your fork, why not be a little transgressive eat that small salad with your fingers.

You may not impress your date, but you’ll impress us.